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Woo.. just came back from...

Woo.. just came back from the Database Systems mid-term test. At least a burden has been lifted from my shoulders for the moment. I will not need to begin revising for another test until later this weekend – really need a brief break before I attempt to absorb words related to 3D modelling and the various software functions. Not quite interesting stuff.. I thought I have always have an interest in 3D images (as experimented in my previous layouts using good ol’ Photoshop) but doing it in 3D Max Studio is quite another matter.. and a big hassle, altogether. In fact, it seems like I am beginning to hate 3D.

Have you ever felt a jolt or sudden shock which shakes your whole body within a few minutes after you lie down on your bed for a good night’s sleep? It was as if I had drifted off to sleep for a mere few seconds but my mind was still active and it gave me one good jerk to wake me up – but it did not work much, because I had already closed my eyes and attempted to get back to sleep, while still wondering about it in my semi-conscious state. I have felt it many times, but I think it was a rather strange occurrence. I saw my roommate gave a jolt not too long after her head hit the pillow while she was taking her afternoon nap today, and then I realised that the whole body did move, and it was not just an imagination on my part.

Aaah.. sleep. It seems that I can never get enough of it. I rarely take afternoon naps (something like, once a month) – maybe that is because why I often yawn and walk around sleepily – albeit having slept for almost ten hours the previous night. I have not the habit of taking naps during the day – because it seems that I will not be able to have a good night’s sleep should I resort to doing so. Also there is this matter whereby the longer I sleep, the sleepier I get.. if that would ever make sense at all. I used to get about five or six hours of sleep when I was still attending school – going to bed at around 11pm and waking up at 5am to catch the school bus at 6am – and although returning home from school had me tired, I still had to go for extra classes or attempt to study for examinations.

Ah well.. gone were the days of the SPM (important high school examination which, everyone says, would decide your future.. bah.). Students would usually put a countdown to the examination on the blackboard. When we first stepped into class, it was hard to count the days left till the day, amounting to hundreds. And as it gradually drew closer, it became easier to count the remaining days.. and it eventually shrank to a one digit number.

Indeed. Gone were the days…..

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