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Blergh.. I hate having my picture...

Blergh.. I hate having my picture taken. Yesterday was no exception. Members of the Student Publication Board were required to take pictures of themselves to be put on the tags for formal purposes.

“Sit up straight…”

“Smile.. nooo, no. Smile until we can see your teeth!”

“We want to have your dimples in the picture..!”

“You are a bit too stiff.. relaxxxxxx...”

And all the while I kept saying that I uh, do not really know how to smile. I was saying “cheeeese” like, forever, while the photographers were adjusting their cameras, and attempting to press the button when they see my most ‘beautiful’ smile of the moment – which, of course was not sufficient enough for them – or it did not exist at all. Either they are meticulous, perfectionist photographers, or I really do not know how to give a smile. To catch me with one big, pure, sparkling smile is rare to find, and it can be compared to finding a needle in a haystack, since it has to be done naturally. I do not simply smile or laugh when asked to, because somehow, it is just so.. difficult to do it. I do not know.. maybe it is because it seems so.. fake. It did not help much when there are four different cameras manned by four different photographers. “Look here!” said one. “Okay okay, turn over here..” said the one next to the first photographer. It seems that I was trying to hard to give the fellow photographers a false, bright smile for a few long seconds – and then to stalk off with an entirely glum and gloomy expression the next. Does that not sound like some sort of transformation? What or how you may look like in a picture, of course, does not necessarily reflect yourself in real life. Now that I think of it, pictures taken that way seem to imply lies.. lying by showing two different faces on and off the picture. I would not mind people taking pictures while I walked down the beach with a beautiful sunset behind me, or while I teased a friend with a piece of french fry. Now that I write that out, it sounds a bit like Big Brother is always there, watching.. and watching. Anyway, there seems to be a general rule that you simply must pose for a picture – and you have to smile.

Maybe that is why I find myself ugly or looking really unpleasant in most pictures – obviously, because I do not smile. Most of my friends had commented that I should smile frequently, and exhibit a truly happy look on my face – and they usually remind me to smile when having pictures taken. Well, easy for them to say, since they love having their pictures taken. I guess I could easily be outshone by everyone else who gave their brightest smiles fit for a toothpaste commercial. By the way, those commercials irked me.. although the models do have pretty nice, perfectly aligned, sparkling white teeth. Who knows whatever stuff they had ate and chewed on before filming the commercial.

But heck.. I really do not like to have my picture taken! And no, you will never, ever, find me in a toothpaste commercial either. Or just about any other commercials, since everyone of them has to smile..

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