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Thanks to my housemate...

Thanks to my housemate Yuyin, I’m currently using her computer to type out today’s blog. I did not bring my PC over to campus for this week, since it has not completely ‘recovered’ yet. My brother was looking and clicking all over the place, trying to find out the problem.. but it seems that the easier way to solve it is to reformat or reinstall Windows. sigh

The only thing that refrains us from doing that, is, well.. we do not own the Windows98 CD.

Everytime my uni computer goes wrong, I would surely rant and decide, once and for all, that I would be bringing over the house PC. Somehow, I always back out from the plan.. and would rather be stuck in uni with no PC at all, until it has been fixed. I blamed it on my immaturity and uh, sentimentality towards my uni PC. And I still believe that it can be saved through extreme maintenance and refurbishment.

So I guess I will not be writing much for these few days until I go home for the weekends. Perhaps I do need a break from all this.. although I think I will not enjoy it. I can see myself typing furiously in the uni’s computer labs and spending most of my time there this week.

Bored Person: Hey look.. that girl’s been using that computer since 9am today!
Curious Person: Yeah.. she must be some sad person who cannot be separated from the PC for even a few minutes.
Bored Person: Oh, hey.. it’s almost 5pm, and the technician’s out to shoo the people away from the lab..
Curious Person: Did you see that? She just cursed the technician.. and is holding on fast to her seat! She’s really intent on spending her night there..
Both launched into a series of guffaws and snorted laughs.

Let us see how much more pathetic and sad I can be to survive this week…..

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