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Gah. Is it my modem...

Gah. Is it my modem, or the fact that it has become increasingly difficult for me to get (and stay) connected to the Internet? As always, it is one step backward for the country. We get no flat rates, neither reliable nor speedy connections.

I realise that I do not usually look at people when I am having a conversation with them. My eyes would wander away on purpose, trying to stare at the striking yellow watch she wears, or to the small, harmless tree behind him. Usually it is essential to have eye contact while talking to another person, but such is not the case with me. Perhaps I lack concentration, or I am just being overly shy. Somehow, I just could not bring myself to look at the face of the person I am talking to. Which, of course, has led me to not being able to recall or remember the other person’s face. Although an acquaintance of a friend will be talking together beside me, I will be staring hard at my food, picking at a red tomato, not even thinking of turning to look at the newcomer. Also, I can not bear to have someone else boring their eyes on me. I would look away innocently, trying to be interested in a random flower or the clouds in the sky.

Of course, this may seem rude.. but so far, no one has ever given me a slap and ordered me to look at them. But rest assured, although my eyes are moving about, my ears are still intact.. and I do listen to whatever was being said.

Whoops.. time for television. Normally I would not be interested in watching that Astro Talent Quest thingy.. it is a singing competition organised by Astro. Tonight is one of the semi-finals (a delayed telecast, actually).. and I guess it would not hurt to lend support to a buddy.

I have always been thinking that it is such a joy for him to be doing what he likes doing most – singing. Sometimes, there are some lucky people out there who gets to achieve their precious dreams.

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