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Today is usually the day...

Today is usually the day I head back to uni after spending the weekend back home. However, this week makes an exception, and it is truly pleasant to know that I will not have to lug my bags (bagful of clean clothes, the SLR camera, and the ‘repaired’ PC, grrrr) back to the small room of the apartment on campus. So yep.. I am going to miss two classes tomorrow. I hope they will not be very important though.. as you can see, I am not the type to skip classes. Even if I do, I would feel really bad and guilty about it. In contrast, I felt absolutely emotionless when I skipped a few days back in high school – and it happened because there was nothing worth studying or going to school for – gotong-royongs, five out of six periods free in a day, or absent teachers. And of course, the reason being I hate school. :) My parents will not really allow me to be absent from classes though.. especially my mother, because I would have to pester her to write a letter for the teacher. But things are different in uni though.. almost everyone skips (and sleeps in) classes. Somehow, uni has always been more appealing to me than life back in high school. I know a lot of people who would, oddly, think otherwise, though.. and I have always blame it on the fact that my high school was full with really unhelpful yet bitchy teachers, and the various activities we have to go through.

I talked to a close friend for 1 hour and 18 minutes today. :D I do not think I have ever achieved such a record before.. but I have to appreciate this particular call, since it came all the way from America! I duly reached for my cellphone when it rang, and to hear her voice was like waking me up from some sleep.

“What the.. since when did you return to Malaysia?”

“No, I didn’t..”

And so we chatted for so long, my ear was all sore from it. :) The reception was not very well too – it broke up every now and then – but hey, it is not everyday I get to receive a call from a friend who is many, many miles away with a different timezone. We ended up talking about so many things, from music to our ex-schoolmates. It hit me just then that I have not been keeping in touch with my other schoolmates. The ones from primary school practically vanished from my mind. It is just a matter of time before my ex-high-schoolmates disappear from my memory too.

Was supposed to be working on my photography assignment today.. however, I ended up doing nothing productive – but watched The Matrix. It has been quite some time since I last watched the movie.. and I often cannot but help thinking that the first of the two VCDs of the movie was well.. draggy. The excitement and thrill often builds up during the second VCD – particularly, the lobby scene. Once again, I marvelled at the special effects, and the intelligence of the Wachowski brothers to produce such a movie so full of symbolism and hidden meanings. I was thinking of the zen-like quotes uttered in the movie, and realised that it is always one word that makes a whole difference to the whole sentence.. something like ‘Don’t think you are – know you are’.

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