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Kuala Lumpur is never a safe...

Kuala Lumpur is never a safe nor favourable place for driving. I was rather pissed off – when my brother was sending me back to uni during the evening, one car behind us began to honk loudly – as if the horn had went wrong or something. My brother had to make way, only to have the other driver waving his hand angrily at us in his stupid green Waja Aeroback, and speeding off, thinking it was a racetrack. Another car followed suit, and it turns out that they were both racing on the roads. It was a rather busy road, full of other innocent drivers and cars. These people make a whole new difference as to whether we are ‘friendly, nice’ Malaysians. My foot. Such a disgrace.

Such assholes.

Who the hell are they to think that the road belongs to them, and to themselves only? And should they want to display their obviously poor racing prowess and driving skills, I suggest they go sign up for Formula One racing, and embarrass themselves in front of the whole wide world. These sort of people should not be allowed to drive at all. But bah! No use talking about some pathetic, uncivilized humans out there.

It was a day full of reminiscence – not only to me, but to my family members as well. A bittersweet day, though. I believe that we had been recollecting those sweet memories, recounting our past experiences. From the moment we were born, the many efforts gone through to educate and bring both my brother and I up. To provide us with not only materials that can be counted by hand, but beautiful, uncountable things such as love, and care. And I can not imagine what parents will think, after nurturing their children to be successful individuals. After all these years, to see their children grow up to be different individuals; the shining lights in their hearts; who will eventually tread their own life’s journey.

And so..

She may call him, father.

She may call her, mother.

And I may call her.. my sister-in-law.

My heartiest congratulations goes out to Alan and Renee for eventually finding their partners in life, someone they trust, someone they are willing to spend their lives with. I wish both of you all the happiness in the world, and may you both live truly blissful lives.

Somehow, as I was typing the latter part of this entry, tears began to form in my eyes. It seemed so silly to do so..

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