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Yellow bag.

Yellow bag.

The place was pretty much deserted, save for a family or two at the lobby area. One Indian boy – probably seven years of age – was seated on a wheelchair beside his parents. I tried not to think of what could have put him in that predicament. Two people walked past, connected to drips. I waited patiently, focusing instead on the somewhat discoloured television, which was showing a rather pathetic late night movie.

Then I thought I spotted a familiar face entering the room in front of me. Nah, of all places to see an ex-schoolmate – it cannot be in a hospital, I thought. The nurse in blue exited just then, and my eyes followed her. She saw me, gave a smile, and brushed some medical records against my shoulder (I was thinking: “Argh! Germs!”) as a sign of acknowledgement when she walked past. She did not reappear after that.

At this stage of my life, I have to wonder what the others are doing. I suppose some may have successfully graduated and have joined the working world recently. Many have gone places, so I heard. Thing is, I could actually see her fit into her role as a caring nurse perfectly.

I mean, could you imagine me being a… designer? A copywriter? Do I look serious enough to work for the goverment’s secret service? Take one look at me and go, “Hmmm, yes – she will join the IEE and create an Electrical Pink Balloon next”? Do I have what it takes to star in “The Matrix: Reminiscence”? Certainly not.

In any case, the atmosphere at the hospital on a Saturday morning was sombre not at all – the corridors were full of playing children, who seemed to find joy just by stamping loudly on the floor, increasing the sounds tenfold although I was standing at the end of the corridor.

Seeing so many people at the hospital, I am not quite sure what to make of it. Perhaps it is commendable that people are actually taking the initiative to step into the hospital and get themselves a thorough check-up, instead of rotting away at home in ignorance. On the other hand, it did serve as a wake up call for me when I see people being wheeled in and out of consultation rooms – that unfortunately, however health conscious people may be, they might still be afflicted with other types of diseases.

In case you were wondering – no, I was not the one in need of medical attention. It is still a place I would want to avoid whenever I can – but I think there is no escaping it in our lifetime.

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