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Ooh. It seems that my housemates are afraid...


It seems that my housemates are afraid of me. I heard that they thought I am rather fierce. Which was why they dared not to ask me to take out the rubbish in the kitchen or clean up the dirty pots and pans after they cooked. But then again, why should I? I did not contribute to the main garbage dump in the kitchen. My roommate and I have our own garbage bin in our room. We had got fed up of being told to clean up the kitchen, whereby the rubbish spills out and creates a mess. I do not see why both of us have to clean up the place, and why not them trying to take the initiative to do it. Of course, it seems that everyone tends to stay away from dirty, icky things such as this but hey.. if you throw the rubbish there, you should bring it down to the garbage dump to have it collected, and not just leave it for days and days in the kitchen. And above it all, please do not rely on other people to clean up the mess for you. Especially when they do not have anything to do with it in the first place.

I might sound bitter, but that is the way I look at it. Sure, we are housemates, so we should tolerate, co-operate, respect each other.. but you know what? Whatever. I am sick of being told to repair something that I did not break; being told to clean up something that I did not dirty; being told to do something which actually is another person’s job. Why are they avoiding the responsibilities? Because they are rich brats with three servants cleaning up the house? Because they are pampered children who are spoon-fed for every single thing they do? Because they just like to order around like a slave driver? Because they do not want to get their smooth and dainty little hands dirty? Or because they think that we are their servants?

But I still do not understand. Why is it just so freaking hard to take the bags of rubbish to the garbage dump downstairs themselves, on their own? You might say, “Yeah, nothing, so why don’t you do it, since they do not want to.”. Heck.. if I am to do it everytime, I will really be a servant then. Which is what I am trying to avoid; and to send out a message: you mess it up, you clean it.

Now I sympathise and understand the feelings a servant has to go through when cleaning up their master’s house. They do the work with much diligence (the good ones, obviously!), although they were not the ones who threw the crumpled paper on the floor; or the ones who spilled some Ribena juice on the sink; or the ones who stepped into the house and leaving a pair of muddy footprints all over the place.

My bumper sticker reads:

Lighten up. Take the quiz.

After all, I should not be surprised.

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