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Had another round of picture-taking for...

Had another round of picture-taking for my photography assignment. I must have squinted my eyes too much while looking through the camera’s viewfinder, that somehow I felt ill and sickly not long after that. Then there was the matter of trying to get a picture of two birds resting on a pole while I was in my room. I had scrambled to get the camera, and positioned myself in front of the window to snap the picture. However, I had forgotten to take out the lens cover, and was foolishly wondering why was everything black, when my camera hit the window and the lens cover fell onto the kitchen roof with a resounding ‘bang’.

I could only stare down at it behind my window, with what must have been a horrified expression on my face. I cursed my bad luck and proceeded to inform my mother about it, and told her I shall attempt to use a long pole to push the lens cover off the roof to the ground tomorrow, since it was already evening (and a long day). Dully, I went to take a shower, and pondered whether (and how) I should ask my brother to help me in my quest in retrieving the lens cover tomorrow. However, when I came out of the bathroom, my parents had already took a small broom with a long handle (the broom was used to clean dust and cobwebs in high or secluded places), and I knew that they had succeeded in pushing the lens cover off the roof.


Perhaps I should not have told them of my carelessness, so that I could get back the lens cover by myself. I felt sorry for having my parents to work on it.. but anyhow.. I thank you both for all the things you have done.. for me. For my education. For my well being. For everything.

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