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Have you ever reached for a...

Have you ever reached for a phone before it rings?

I have experienced that a few times – say, five to six times – with my cellphone. No, it does not have the vibration mode on. I have never liked the idea of attending a boring lecture and nodding off to dreamland, only to have something shaking, trembling and bumping gently onto your leg in your jeans pocket (that’s where I usually put my cellphone – and if you remember to switch it to silent mode, that is).

I attribute it to coincidence, though. Most of the time, I just uh, happened to take my phone out from my pocket (or bag, in rather rare events) and take a glance at it – only to find it blinking, indicating a call. But then again, could it be really coincidence, or do I just have some sharp instinct in me? However, I find that coincidence has frequently associate itself in whatever I do, and has brought me both ups and downs.

Then there’s also the matter of experiencing deja vus.. about thrice, today. I know, I have dabbled on this topic a few months back.. but somehow, mysterious and yet-to-be-answered issues like these never cease to amaze me. Deja vus are described as glitches in The Matrix. Now, tell me honestly, how many of you out there would know that I will associate deja vus with the movie.. again? If you do, then congratulations.. Strizzt has managed to spread her Matrix mania into you as well. On the other hand, you might just have to shake your head with much disappointment, since you realise that Strizzt can never be saved from the clutches of Matrix, the movie. Hm, need to get out of talking about myself being a third person….. :P

I have been thinking of getting just a small bag to throw in my wallet and cellphone – I can survive without one, so do I really need it? My mother likes to tell me off for stuffing both items into my jeans, resulting in two very bulky-looking pockets (one for each side), which proceeds to make me look uhm.. unfeminine, I suppose. Usually, I find it inconvenient having to get a bag to put just those two items in. I wear no makeup, so there is no need to toss in lipstick, mascara, perfume and goodness knows what else a woman’s bag could contain.

On another note, resignation letter written, and sent. The word loser appears in my mind over and over again…..

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