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Individual assignments, versus group...

Individual assignments, versus group assignments.

I really prefer the former. A lot. No hassles, no worries. Everything is done at a leisurely pace, in accordance to one’s schedule. There is no need to attend long unproductive meetings, throwing in lots of suggestions and eventually making the other group members confused over which particular topic to go for. Then, there is also the matter of not having to go through the trouble of compiling the group members’ work together.. and the thing is, different people would finish their work on different times.

We had to submit an assignment yesterday, and I only managed to compile all of our work together about half an hour before the class was due to start. None of my group members had a working printer, and I had to resort to asking around, not wanting to trouble my roommate’s printer all the time. However, time was running out fast, and I had to settle for hers. She had it printed using economic printing – what more could I say, I am already using other’s printer. There is absolutely no way for me to demand it printed in rich black ink. I rushed to the binding shop only to find a long queue ahead of mine. I glanced at my watch. 10.55am. The class will start in five minutes. Reluctantly, I fell into line behind other customers, and it was frustrating to note that the queue was moving like a snail’s pace.

The assignment was eventually binded at 11.15am. Again, I walked like some competitor in a national walkathon, heading towards a shining gold trophy, high up on a table. When I think about it, it seems to me that the shining gold trophy would be better off knocked onto my head courtesy of the lecturer, since I am already late. There were no trophies, of course. Only that I had stepped into a lecture twenty minutes late – which is something I rarely do. Fortunately, the lecturer was a nice guy who never really cared much of the students’ attendance. I went down the stairs staring at my shoes, and trying not to listen to what he was saying. I settled down onto a seat and somehow, just threw the assignment on the chair. I was just so sticky, hot, and tired. Tired of having to be the one finishing a last minute work. Thoughts such as never going to go for a group assignment, or never going to do most of the work in a group ran through my mind. I spent the hour just indulging myself in dark thoughts, not paying attention to the lecturer. In fact, the assignment was given to us a month ago, and gee.. we only started it about a week before the due date. Which was really considered quite bad, but still..

I have never believe in doing last minute work. We left out quite a number of requirements, and I do not think that we would be getting a good grade for this. But it is something I cannot avoid when dealing with group assignments. Sometimes I wish there is no need for group assignments. Sure, one may say that the more people there are, more people will be doing the thinking, and that the jobs can be divided to lighten up the burden. But is it really worth it, after all the trouble?

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