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'Tandas kami dicuci 24 kali...'

Tandas kami dicuci 24 kali sehari.”

I tilted my head to one side and studied the banner with amusement, not quite believing what I was reading. When translated from Malay into English, it reads: “Our washrooms are washed 24 times a day.” The banner was hanging in a particular petrol kiosk near my house, moving gently from the wind. Could there be any need to wash the toilets for every hour of the day? Imagine those poor souls in charge of the task.. but I doubt they will ever take this work seriously (since I do not quite believe in it, too). Let’s say if there are six sinks, six cubicles and six windows in the washroom. Perhaps they will wash one sink during one hour.. and even then, it takes only a few minutes. The next hour could be used to wash the second sink.. and so on.. and the remaining six hours could be utilised to clean the mirrors, walls and the floors. But then again, I think generally, the washrooms in petrol kiosks has about only four cubicles, and perhaps two sinks.. washing them 24 times in a day is a waste of resources and energy.

Anyhow.. about two nights ago, a few friends and I went out of university at 11.30pm to celebrate a friend’s birthday. It was my first time out that late since stepping into university last year (and getting my name written on the logbook for returning to university after 12am – we reached there about 3am). We went to Serdang to pick a friend up, and he drove us to some mamak (roadside stall) to get some fruit juices. Uh, yeah.. you can mix it with whatever fruit you desire. I ordered a rather sweet mixture of grapes and mango, while the others threw in a variety of other fruits into their equally experimental drink combinations such as carrots and bananas. But I was still thinking of a rather uhm, minor event that happened before we reached the stall. While crossing the road with a friend, a car was fast approaching us. I told her not to cross the road, since it could be quite risky; but she went ahead and ran ahead anyway. It was not a busy road, so I thought I would wait for the car to pass, only then I would cross the road.. but somehow, I find my legs carrying me ahead too, whether I want to or not. I did not really know why or how did that happened. I could only hope it was some sort of reflex from me to cross the road anyway because I could be afraid of being left behind (the others were waiting for me at the other side, though – and no, I was not trying to show that I was some bold, brave person – I’m not Supergirl, you know). I would not want to hear some eerie story of something possessing me at that very moment I was to cross the road.. although I currently seem to be freaking myself out about it. Thank goodness I did manage to make it to the other side safely. And well.. it was about 12.30am, I think.

On another note, Silverchair’s songs Across The Night and The Greatest View have been playing over and over again in my mind today. Now that I am back home, I cannot listen to the mp3s (heh.. the songs are all in the PC back in university) and for the umpteenth time, I find myself wondering if I should get a portable mp3 player for ‘inconvenient’ times such as this. A PC Fair starts tomorrow and I hope I could get an mp3 player if the price is reasonable and affordable. But could it be really that necessary to fork out a few hundred bucks to get one in the first place?

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