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Er, yeah. New layout.

Er, yeah. New layout. This one is quite simple and fast, though.

An aunt arrived from Singapore yesterday, and she is staying over at my house until Sunday. I quite admire her in a way.. she is a successful and independent woman by her own right. She works for a foreign perfume company in Shanghai, and gets to jet off to various countries of the world for meetings, as part of her job. Therefore, she has gained a lot of knowledge and experience. She has been living in Hong Kong with her husband since almost a decade ago, I believe.. but transferred to Shanghai about five years ago. Thus, she is never in Malaysia for a long period of time – not even for Chinese New Year. However, for all the hard work she has done, her personal happiness was short-lived. It affected her marriage, and she and her husband separated about two years ago. They have no children, though.

I guess sometimes we cannot have everything in life – a wildly successful career, a joyful family, lots of money and property. It seems like a fairy tale at times.

On another note, a buddy of mine is one of the finalists of a singing competition, which will be shown on the television live tonight. Another step closer towards achieving his ambition and realising his dreams. Wishing you all the best, dude. :)

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