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Sometimes I just hate crowds. Especially during the weekends, whereby it seems that everyone is out with full force, dominating the supermarkets and the likes of it, to the extent of having trolley traffic jams, and having to push your way through to get to a lone cup of instant noodles. But oh well, I guess that is only human nature. It is every man for himself.

Of course, everyone would flock to a place where things tend to be sold at affordable and reduced prices.. a case in point is the PC Fair I went to, today. It was the last day of the three-day fair, and undoubtedly, it attracted more visitors who were looking for last minute bargains and cheaper goods. After waiting for nearly two years, I finally got myself a mp3 player, albeit not the Compaq iPaq Pa-2 mp3 Player I have always wanted. The price was still a bit steep – it was sold for RM588, but the salesperson said that he would try to reduce it to RM530. However, ToForgive had sent me a message last night, concerning a small mp3 player – the i-mp3-D64 from i-Home (previously known as Sanyo), which was selling for only RM349 (at student price – originally, it costs RM499). Thanks for the information, dude.. so yeah, I bought the i-mp3-D64 – and I will be able to enjoy my mp3s wherever I go, heh.

But it was just so difficult to bustle and jostle your way through in the crowd. Everyone seemed to be moving at a snail’s pace, due to the amount of people at the fair today. The floor was littered with all sorts of brochures and papers from the participating computer companies, being kicked around by people. Competitive salespeople shouting at the top of their voices, interested buyers pausing and discussing the goods on sale with hushed voices.

Then there is the matter of recognising someone among the hundreds of people there. And you wonder if should you make a move to wave at the person and try to get their attention, or just melt and fade away into the crowd. I usually opt for the latter, though. I saw quite a number of my coursemates today, and uh, I hid behind someone’s back – except for two of them, who had walked to such a close distance from me, it was basically impossible to turn away and pretend not to see them (lest it would be too obvious).

Ah well. That is just me. Hiding from everyone.

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