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I have been using that word quite frequently these days. Crap, crap, crap. Yeah, well, I think it is still better than saying fuck all the time. I cannot afford to blurt the word out in front of my family members. For all I know, they may stare at me, giving me some sort of disgusted and confused look.

As always, you cannot take back what you said. When it is out from your mouth, there is no turning back. Words do hurt, yeah. The phrase ‘sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me’ does not really apply here, though, does it? One of the reasons why I do not like to have face to face contact with another person is because I am afraid that I might say something wrong, words that may offend others or jeopardise a relationship. Sometimes we just go on talking without actually thinking, and it could be as spontaneous as breathing – especially when we are really ecstatic, driven to the edge, or nearly exploding in anger. On the other hand, you can always read, review and modify what you are bound to type into the window of a messaging system, or before you upload something up on the net. In a way, it is quite safe.. but you can never tell if the other person is being honest. For all you know, you may be typing “And your eyes light up my life like the moon in a dark blue sky” and the other person might just be rolling his or her eyes, and then proceed to launch into a series of uncontrollable guffaws and laughter, along with interested viewers behind his or her back.

Such is the case with internet relay chats (IRC). I have been quite fortunate, and have never found some conman or inconsiderate people who would proceed to suck out the money from my bank account. In fact, it’s in IRC that you meet all sorts of different people in the world. Again, it’s interesting to note that this one thing called the ‘internet’ is able to connect people from all corners of the earth. However, newspapers come out with reports regarding some jilted girl, having paid more and loaning their own properties for someone they meet on the net regularly, and then one final time in real life – the one time when the guy would make a run for the girl’s money.

Anyhow, for those who are interested.. here’s a picture of ToForgive’s i-mp3-D64, which is the same mp3 player I bought on Sunday.

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