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At the rate things are going...

At the rate things are going, I think I will get near heart attacks every month.

Actually, it is only this one thing which makes me go all white, my hands tremble, and my heart wanting to jump right out from my ribcage. I have never been so afraid in a seemingly harmless class until this.

It is just a blardy assignment submission, damn it.. need I get that worked up all over it? I tried to not care about it much.. but it seemed next to impossible. When the lecturer was making his rounds, deciding which student’s artwork would be considered fit to be passed up, I was just staring at him drawing circles or crosses and writing the most dreaded words of “Reshoot” or “Resubmit” onto unfortunate students’ photographs with a blue marker. Every now and then, he threw in such teasingly wicked yet savage statements (to my ears, anyway): “You shot a picture of an air conditioner? What is so interesting about that? I see it all the time..” or “I expect you to do better than this” and proceeded to draw a big cross on the picture.

A friend had turned to look at me at one point. She raised her eyebrows in concern and asked, “Why are you looking so pale?”. I tried to give a menacing glare (she had successfully submitted her work earlier) but I guess I could not.

Almost half of the class failed to submit the assignment today. They were given a dateline until next Thursday to do so. And I very nearly fell into this batch of students.

When my turn came, he was scrutinizing every inch of my assignment.. he did not give me the green light, but asked me to readjust the picture to be stuck onto the frame again. A pointed object on the picture was edging too close to the side of the frame, and he did not like the look of it. I resorted to consoling myself, at least I did not need to reshoot the picture, or resubmit it another day. Only some minor adjustments.. minor ones.. yet it seemed like hell to me when I had to painstakingly tear out the masking tape (which was to stick my picture onto the back of the frame), and little pieces of paper and material from the frame kept coming off. And to top it all off, I did not bring my own tape.

Thankfully, a few friends (Syahnaz, Hayani, WF, SL, Vanessa) had been helping me today – by offering words of comfort, giving me suggestions, and helping me to scout for usable masking tapes. I actually ended up asking the lecturer three times as to how I should stick my artwork (for fear he would reject it and throw it across the room.. just.. like.. that..), and surprisingly, he seemed to have two personalities, for he looked quite friendly and was smiling as I was conversing with him.

I managed to get through this hurdle.. and passed up the assignment.

Sigh.. I do not think I will ever understand this eccentric yet menacing lecturer of mine. But then again.. I do not think I really want to.

In the end, submitting my Design Process assignments are like going to war. You need to prepare yourself thoroughly, taking everything into detail. Your gun may be damaged by the enemy, or worse still, you lost the battle to them. Worse of all, you never know if you will be able to walk away from it.. alive.

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