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I have been flipping through the pages of the newspapers these days, only to have advertisments with exceptionally attractive bargains screaming back at me. I am no shopaholic, but I quite like window shopping – and what other better time to do it, when the Malaysian Mega Sale is back? I have been unfortunate enough to miss out on the previous big sales, since I could not find time to indulge myself in shopping trips due to my busy schedule (read: assignments!). It is rather disturbing to note that the final examinations are coming up fast – in three weeks time – and I have not begin any revision, but rather, chose to rant on shopping – although that is what women are known to love doing most. However, I do not shop for clothes (except when necessary – for example, having to really dress up for a cousin’s wedding later in November groan) and accessories – but on CDs and books, in particular. My examinations will end in the final week of August, so I still have a few days left to pay a visit to my favourite stores.

Actually, I had been snickering at the previous advertisments published earlier this year (or late last year), which used to have a tagline of some sort, proclaiming that “the whole of Malaysia is on sale”. I thought it sounded rather.. wrong. Since when are we auctioning ourselves off? Would Terengganu or Kedah, two out of fourteen states in the country, go first? Or is it that the KL Tower would be sold to some other country? This ‘mistake’ was pointed out by a fellow reader of The Star’s Mind Our English, and I guess that is why I have not been seeing that tagline lately.

Hm.. but you know.. I should not be criticising others’ proficiency in the language. Not when I have not even master English to the fullest. I see a lot of errors popping up and then. Perhaps I need someone to guide me on my English…..

Odd, I am in some blogging spree. Must. Stop.

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