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It's all for youuuu...

It’s all for youuuu…

The current photography assignment includes taking pictures of ‘interesting silhouettes upon a stunning sunset’. The assignment has to be submitted next Friday (great, another round of heart attack), which leaves me with at most seven sunsets (after having minus rainy, cloudy days and film processing). Anyone knows of any good place which will give a great view of a sunset? I have been doing some climbing earlier, scaling the hill beside our university library. It would have made a great picture of a sunset if only it was not a cloudy day. I wonder if this assignment is given to test the students’ patience and tolerance.. because:

1) It is nearly the rainy season, and the shy sun is always hiding behind the clouds.

2) It gives us the opportunity to squint and blind ourselves looking at the red hot sun for long periods of time.

3) Having to scout, climb and drive all over the place just to get an interesting view of the sunset.

4) A mild, good looking tan, maybe? As if I am not dark enough.

5) One has to put aside everything and be ready to shoot the desired pictures at 7pm+ every evening, until submission day.

Overall, I think reasons number 1 and 2 are considered quite challenging (to me, anyway). I had been lucky enough to own a pair of clip-on sunglasses when I bought a new pair of spectacles four months back.

It was not quite the greatest view from that small hill, but being in the so called desert of Cyberjaya, with absolutely no tall buildings and skyscrapers surrounding the university, it proved to provide a magnificent view of 360 degrees. It seemed that high mountains created borders on every corner I see. My eyes were able to detect the Prime Minister’s residence in Putrajaya, and I lost count of the many aeroplanes that flew by in front of the burning sun (the airport was about a half hour’s drive away from the university, I believe). However, most breathtaking of all, was when the sky turned to a colourful combination of striking red and orange, added with still a faint hint of sky blue, while the sun slowly descended. The clouds were all soft, fine, and wispy; it looked as if one would be able to sit and slide on it. The breeze was gently whipping my hair about (time to get a haircut, I suppose..!), and it seemed as though every problem in my mind had been blown away with it. Anyhow, I ended up with zero pictures in relation to my assignment, due to a cloudy day. Which, of course, is bad.

I decided that when I am free from assignments and other commitments, I would climb that hill again, and take pictures of the clear, blue sky. One day.

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