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Stood on the edge, tied...

Stood on the edge, tied to the noose..

Time seems to pass by slowly tonight. Either that, or I just happened to glance at the clock every five minutes or so. I guess time lags when one is doing something unenjoyable as answering tutorial questions regarding Database Systems. Oh, the boredom and the question marks that would probably appear on top of my head every now and then (read: I am no fan of the subject – which makes it even harder for me to do the tutorials). It does not really help either when you realise that a fellow housemate is blasting some loud tunes from Backstreet Boys, N Sync and other teen bands out there (and listening to her karaoke-ing, singing along loudly).

Perhaps I am just biased because I am a pop music hater (errr..), but ugggh! I cannot believe that she is putting her expensive five speakers set to bad use, listening to ‘music’ like that. I am sorry, but well.. would not it be better if the speakers are mine? :) But yeah, dream on. Until the day I get an Altec Lansing, everyone else can stay away from me, and maybe give me disgusted looks or bang on their ceilings when I press on the “repeat” button of my Winamp for the umpteenth time, playing a particular song I like, over and over, and over again. For now, I can only rely on my trusty ol’ RM7 plastic headphones. Which is exactly what I am doing at the moment. Playing Amsterdam from Coldplay again, and again, and again.. for goodness knows how many times today. On my mp3 player too. Be thankful that you can not hear me sing (not now anyway, my roommate is just behind me). I love the song so much, I began to irritate my friends who I had conversations with on Yahoo! Messenger, typing out the lyrics every now and then.

Which is a bad and unhealthy sign, no doubt.

No nice sunset today. Gasp. Another day goes by. Picture-less. By the way, does time seem to move slower during rainy days? Someone pointed that out to me a few years back and I have always found it to be quite believable. Or again, perhaps, I just happened to glance at the clock every five minutes or so…..

But time is on your side, is on your sideeeeeee nowwwww..

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