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This is what you call a sunset picture?

“This is what you call a sunset picture..?!”

It might be very well what I will be hearing when I submit the sunset assignment next week. Weather conditions do not look good these days. Cloudy days, blur skies. The sun keeps peeking from behind the heavy clouds. I believe I sound like some weather forecast person, but heck. This is not going to work. And there is still about five days left until the submission day. I had a good talk with Sze, both of us ranting about the state of our studies and the quality of our lecturers.. and it is sad to say that prospects are not quite looking bright. In fact, it discouraged me even more.

I cannot believe that I am becoming bolder – I skipped two classes today. They were not that important really – one was only open for consultation hours, and another was simply a brief lecture which would take up less than half an hour. I wonder if I had actually made the right choice in being absent for these two classes. I mentioned that to my mother during our phone conversation earlier, and she seemed nonchalant about it (until it came to the part when I told her I had just instant noodles and biscuits for my lunch and dinner, when it came to a crescendo).. but who knows what she might be thinking, deep down in her heart? First, her son got married and hardly stopped by the house.. and now the daughter is beginning to break some rules. Sure, it ain’t any big deal, and most probably I am just making a mountain out of an anthill (oh, I have made a volcano out of newspapers but that is another story altogether) but still.. I do not want to be like my cousins.

Now, I am not trying to talk bad about my cousins, but well.. they have everything done to their way. They are stinking rich, with chauffeurs driving them to school and everywhere else, owns cool cellphones, maids and servants picking up after them, and would probably get just about anything they asked for. You know, typical teenage rich brats. And if they do not do well in their studies, no one really gives a damn, since their tertiary education is basically secured, and they need not worry about anything at all. Heck, perhaps they need not even need to lift a finger to work when they graduate. They are about the same age as yours truly. Maybe they are not really as bad as I thought, since we are not really that close. But it is their current status that seems to makes us all half a world apart and different.

Goodness, how did I ever change the subject of an assignment to my cousins.. and crap, the carton of milk I put into the refridgerator two hours back had disappeared. Who is the thief?

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