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I am a robber.

I am a robber.

Or at least that is what I think I am. But then again I am already a pirate, judging from the many mp3s that reside in my hard drive. But that is going to be another story altogether. Anyhow, I went with my father to the supermarket for our weekly shopping trip. I am usually just there to help him carry stuff and push the trolley – I mean, I do not scrutinise the carrots, pick a few apples, and get the other necessities for the household. Wanted to get some milk (again, milk…..) to stock up my supply back in my apartment, and the triple A rechargeable batteries I need for my mp3 player.

So now, there was quite a queue while we were at the counter, trying to pay for the items we are to purchase. The cashier was doing everything in a hurry (it was supposed to be an express lane, we had less than ten items to pay for), and I was amazed to see that our total purchase was only a little below seven bucks. The batteries itself were worth almost twenty five ringgit.

The cashier had fail to note the batteries. I had earlier put it in a transparent plastic bag (the ones used to pack the fruits) along with the milk (for fear it would break and spill off or something). I sneaked a glance at my father, but he did not say a thing. It is time such as this I should know better to keep my mouth safely zipped up. Deep inside, I wonder if I should point out to the cashier on his carelessness in noting our batteries. On the other hand, I could be saving twenty five ringgit of my father’s money. He did not know of the price of the batteries until I told him when we left the supermarket.

Now, I am wondering if I should be blaming myself. Of course, I should have spoke up, shove the batteries right under the cashier’s nose, and cover up for his carelessness – and having myself to pay for it. Oh, the irony!

On another note, I just read the review to the ‘new’ RPG game Neverwinter Nights (the game Choons has been playing) on The Star’s In-Tech pullout on Tuesdays.. written by avid RPG and D&D gamer A. Asohan. He is a big fan of Planescape: Torment and has since then associated the game with every other RPGs. Then I realised (again) that Icewind Dale II has yet to be released. It will be out only next month though, after a four month delay. Another thing I got from the review (which is rather old news – shows just how much I am updated in the PC games scene), but I did not know that Hasbro, maker and distributor of action figures actually bought over Wizards of the Coast (mostly responsible for D&D, Magic: The Gathering, and, of all things.. introducing Pokemon to the world) back in 1999. Hm. Somehow it did not quite sound right to me.

I miss RPGing. And RTS games, too. Whatever happened to my intention to get Warcraft III? My brother had said that our video card could not support the game, but I am not sosure about it.. nothing is going to stop me from playing good games. If I have to get a better video card, so be it!

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