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Blah. Made the mistake...


Made the mistake of not wearing jeans when I was out this evening for a round of photoshooting. Stupid mosquitoes. Thank goodness the sky was not as cloudy as the previous days and I managed to get a few shots. It was never a family affair to go out on assignment trips such as this with my parents, particularly my father, who was the driver. He would rant and complain, especially when we were supposed to go to a place we have not been before – we do not really know the way up the hill to some place called ‘Little Genting’, which was presumbly the best place to have a great view of Kuala Lumpur. We did not manage to find ‘Little Genting’ anyway, but stopped at some roadside half uphill. If there was a category for an award as to where would make a bad place for arguments, it would be in a moving car. Every now and then I would turn away, and peek anxiously at the car behind, trying to sum up if we were actually building up a long queue.

Anyhow, the bad temper and grumblings from both my parents were blown away from their minds as they watched in awe the breathtaking city skyline. All was forgiven, and we were all taking in and enjoying the beautiful scenery. There were a few other couples in their cars which were stopped by the roadside, whispering sweet words and showering each other with affection. In contrast, I was the one scrambling here and there, trying to get a good view for a picture – and I could not really give a damn should I be disturbing their peace and whatnots (a few cars actually pulled away). I had waited so long for a nice sunset and this is what I have got.. and I am not going to lose it this time.

On another note, I totally loathe online course registrations. Will be doing it tomorrow, and I still have not decided which lecture and tutorial group to go for. I hope to be in the same group as my friends’, but things do not quite look right – there were a few clashes in the timetable. Failed to have further, elaborate discussions with them. Still thinking of the one thing that bugs me all the time – perhaps I am destined to be alone. A loner. Alone. Wish I could really change that, but if it is destiny, then there is no use, right?

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