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Just got back to the apartment.

Just got back to the apartment.

What a boring ol’ life. Going home for the weekends. Staying on campus during the weekdays. But that has got to be better than the other two housemates: one goes home everyday, not even coming up to the apartment in a whole week. She is just wasting the space. The other one goes home for only a few hours in a week – disappearing on a Sunday morning, back on the same Sunday night. Or pick any other day with the same pattern. Some parents can be so good to drive their children to wherever and whenever. Bah.

For some insane reason, I will be heading home again tomorrow. All for the sake of developing those sunset pictures of mine. sigh Sort of climbed the hill next to the library again. There were a few other people there already, adjusting their cameras, making signals or talking animatedly to their accompanying friends, discussing the perfect place to get the pictures.

Could not help but watch them enviously. After all, I was there alone. Treaded through the tall prickly grass as I searched for my own territory. My pair of clip-on sunglasses did not do much good against the blazing red sun. I think it was the first time I ever bothered to watch a great big red ball of fire on the horizon, going down swiftly. It looked so round, like an egg from the mooncake. A bad comparison, but pfft. The sky turned to various shades of red, orange, yellow and blue. Just another of those days when you feel absolutely free, being close to nature.

It was a good sunset, yeah. But everything would be better if it actually happened last week. Then I need not head back home tomorrow, giving problems to everyone else in the process. Must take a bus home one day – probably this Friday. Actually two buses, since I have to switch buses when I get to Pudu. Whee, breathing in all those black smoke and making my lungs worse. Yeah, I can be so pathetic.

If anything, yesterday was the most screwed-up day I ever had for this year so far. Problems with course registration, indecisive picking of lecture and tutorial groups, no electricity, photo development problems, constant nagging of parents. Turned out that the place I went with them the other day to get the city picture was indeed ‘Little Genting’, haha. My mood picked up during the evening though, when we went there again, this time with my brother and uhm.. with her (yeah, well, still trying to adjust to life having her in the house these days..) too, to admire the beautiful city skyline at night (it was too late to take pictures). And then to watch a movie (read previous post) at 9.45pm (!! – yeah, my first ever night outing to the movies) at the cinema near our house.

And now, looking at the big hole where the ceiling board fell off two days back, I began to wonder if it will ever be safe for me to stay in this apartment for another eight months. Heck, I can even see the roof already. Who is to say that some maniac will jump down on me while I sleep at night? Will have to go complain about it tomorrow. Most probably they will only get their asses to action next year.

Should I take Our Lady Peace’s advice and sell my soul one day?

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