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bop.. bop.. bop..

The sound of my heartbeat, when I will be handing up the assignment this Friday. While my mind is now uneasily hoarded by Lecturer A’s future icy cool statements to me, such as “Bad sunset. Reshoot.” or “A ten-year-old kid would know how to shoot a better picture than you!”, a friend is happily telling me how the other lecturers (including the ever menacing Lecturer A) were praising her photos and her 3D modelling assignment (which was due today). I was trying desperately to control the green monster within me, attempting to push it back down to where it belong. What I could only do was to just agree to her words, nodding along as she related to me how the lecturers expressed their approval and admiration on her sunset photographs, and throwing “oohs” and “aahs” at the appropriate places, right on cue. Everything a friend would ever do to show support to another friend.

And she is currently telling me that Lecturer A has chosen two good pictures for her.. and she does not know which picture to submit on Friday. Therefore, she is basically safe to pass up her assignment without much difficulty. In fact, she has already crossed the big hurdle of pleasing Lecturer A. I wonder if I can stomach those words any longer.. the feeling of disgust and envy is somewhat very strong in me at the moment.

I guess I can be considered lucky that the conversation between my friend and I took place in a messenger client – the ever useful Yahoo! Messenger, to be exact. At least I can still fake it while I am behind the monitor screen. I do not know what I would do if she were to go on talking animatedly in front of me for another thirty minutes.

Jealousy can be a bad thing. A very, very bad thing.

On another note, I cannot seem to make up my mind whether the new pink layout which is currently driving everybody else nuts should be put up here in the next few weeks or so. Feedback seems to be saying a big no-no. Anyway, just take a peek at the preview window in the left column. :)

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