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Life could be so unpredictable.

Life could be so unpredictable.

Just when you think the day is going to look better, everything else comes tumbling down.

That was the case with yesterday. After ‘safely’ submitting my sunset assignment – which was quite an amusing event really – I was practically flying (okay, odd verb, I admit..) back to my apartment amidst the choking smog and haze which enveloped the campus for the whole morning yesterday. The Design Process students are actually divided into four different groups with different days for submission – but yesterday, all four groups were to be present to pass up the assignment. Lecturer A was being overly lenient (so said Sze) and everyone was actually breezing past him or crowding around to show him their sunset pictures before proceeding to pass it up. I guessed he was not that keen on checking each and every student’s sunset picture (he claimed he had seen enough to make him sick and uh, puke..).

So I thought things would brighten up. However, it was not meant to be so. The Multimedia Authoring assignment due yesterday was not finished yet. We were supposed to hand it up by 5pm but we only managed to finish it two hours later. And I am not even sure if did we really finished it – we found some errors but we could hardly give a damn about it anymore. Racking our brains, clicking the mouse furiously, wondering why it did not work properly – it actually drove us all (maybe not really all, since only one person was doing the job – and it was not me) crazy. My brother was actually waiting downstairs to fetch me back home – and when everything was done, I went down and saw him sleeping in the car.

sigh Poor him.

But it has been a bad week, really. My first roll of sunset pictures were initially rejected by Lecturer A, and I had to go down to KL to develop the second roll – then endure another 40-minute drive back to campus to consult him on the second roll – to which he picked only one out of 36 pictures – and then back down to the photo shop to enlarge the picture to a size of 10R. And then, back to campus to submit it. Overall, I spent the whole week at home more than back in the nearly dilapidating apartment. Going to and fro from campus almost six times in a week.

Sometimes I wish I own a car, and can drive on my own – just so not to trouble my parents – especially my father, who was the driver. The family schedule was all messed up from the countless visits to the photo shop, not to mention the amount of time and money wasted. Too bad, though. I have no car, and have not driven since the driving test itself – which was back in February last year.

To top it all off, I had a really bad headache for the whole of Thursday. I rarely get headaches – perhaps, only about five times a year. And when it comes, my head throbs for a whole freaking day, and I kept complaining to everyone in sight. I popped a Panadol courtesy of my roommate on Thursday night, and went to dreamland straight after. After coming back from the sunset picture submission yesterday morning, I was feeling feverish and sweating like a pig (and it was not caused by too much ‘flying’ like I said earlier, darn it). I do not fancy tying my hair up, but I had to yesterday (high time to get a haircut!) and when I let it off during the evening, my hair stood out like some porcupine gone wrong.

Therefore.. things to do (in a particular order, yes..):

1) study for final examinations next week
2) get a haircut
3) indulge in some shopping after the examinations (for CDs: Coldplay and books: Catch 22 – Joseph Heller, Assassin’s Quest – Robin Hobb)
4) try to watch the movies I wanted to watch at the cinema near my place
5) read some good fantasy books
6) play Empire Earth (to make up for the fun Warcraft III review on In-Tech on Wednesday)

Sorry it has been a long post. But this is what I would really call a rant. Did you manage to read up to this point?

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