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Bandwidth exceeded..

Bandwidth exceeded..

Sorry for the down time. Seems that my generous hostess’ website at insatiably.net has exceeded its bandwidth. I would not have garnered that many visitors to have that happen, though. It is kinda hard to see your baby down. sniff

So yeah.. the second night out of campus since enrolling in this university last year. Not a late night out, but a brief dinner with Sze and ToForgive at McDonald’s. It is currently examinations week and it is unhealthy to be staring at pieces of notes with my ugly and worm-like handwritings (okay, so I can read my own handwriting!), and not absorbing anything into the mind as well. I have not met up with anyone I know from online, but had previous phone conversations with a few during my IRC heydays (heh). Most commented that I was quiet, and well, we ended up having really short talks over the line. So it was not an exception with yesterday too.

One can exhibit completely different personalities offline and online (such is the case with me, I do not know if anyone else does that..). I remembered when I was back in high school, there was a guy who sat behind me. We talked in ICQ every once in a while though.. and a day came when he told me he did not understand why could I be so quiet in real life as compared to my chatty and yakkity profile online. I just smiled and replied politely with a nod. I guess I owe it to the sense of security and comfort I get behind the monitor screen than actually attempting to talk and see people face to face.

So you see.. the people you see online are not the real people you expect to see in real life. :) I am born to be that way. Not that I want to scare you off with a possible Jekyll and Hyde story though. I like to marvel at the thought that the Internet brings people no matter how far, close together. And the ocassional “What, you are Malaysian too?” question that pops up every now and then. I have been playing with the suggestion of organising a gathering for BolehBlogs or any other local bloggers for that matter.. but nothing solid has come up yet.

That said and done.. anyone else wants to meet up? :D dodges flying eggs, broken shoes, and french fries

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