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Where do we go from hereeeee..

Where do we go from hereeeee..

Took a bus home today, after racking my brains at the objective questions of the Computer Modeling paper. For some reason, it turned out to be quite an enjoyable ride. I do not take public transport often, because I do not like being packed worse than a can or sardines. I guess it was still considered early when I left campus – I hopped on the bus at 11am and reached Pudu around 12pm, so lunch hour had hardly begun to bring out all the cars and people onto the road. Also found out that Coldplay’s Clocks would make a very good listen when you are in a bus journey, with no one sitting by your side, and all you have for company is the music and the accompanying sceneries rushing by. The band had somehow decided to release The Scientist as their second single though..

Was also quite fortunate to find the next bus home almost immediately (I have to take two buses, you know..). Did not realise that a few more buses has been added to my area. There used to be only two Intrakota buses I can get on – when I asked if he would go past the shopping mall near my house (it said so on a pink piece of paper stuck to the screen), the friendly bus driver replied politely, and proceeded to tell me of a few other new buses that provides service to the area. It just shows just how long have I not been taking an Intrakota bus home from town. Instead of the normal speed demon, this particular bus driver had a yellow smiley button pinned onto his shirt and drove at a safe and leisurely pace. Not something you would get in the busy town of Kuala Lumpur these days, I assure you.

Anyhow, was reading the papers today – it seems that people have started a trend – hoping that others would pick up a book they left at random locations and read it, just so to bring back reading among the people. Some bookworm might just leave a book (and they are good books, do not expect Playboy or something similar) at the supermarket for unsuspecting visitors to pinch it out of curiosity – and to rediscover the joy of reading. Unfortunately, this does not happen locally, though. Perhaps in twenty years. But who knows? I thought it was a rather good and innovative move – one which would definitely encourage the love for reading. And it is all for free.

If anyone would kindly leave a copy of Joseph Heller’s Catch 22 or Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?.. do put these two books behind Cheras Leisure Mall’s Sushi King. :D

Updates on potential gathering: after some thinking, I do not think I will have a big gathering for BolehBlogs yet. It might kill me. For the moment it is only for those who want to join in, and it will only happen if more than five people will show up. Headcount for now: Choons, Lee Cheng, Sze, and Tomoko (by the way, you are in Johor? Any idea when you can come up to KL?). Time, date and venue (preferbly KL.. heh heh) not fixed yet.

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