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And so she presses the numbers...

And so she presses the numbers 2, 4, 6 and 8 on the keypad furiously..

Which is what I do best, honing my skills to get at least 1000 points a day in a game of Snake on my trusty ol’ Nokia 3310, ocassionally muttering some incoherent but mild curses. Quite pathetic, actually. Sometimes it is simple and trivial things such as this that keeps you going through the day. You can call it my addiction or whatever, but playing Snake at level 9 is not that easy. Of course, either that or I totally suck in playing the game. It was totally unbearable to be staring at your Database Systems notes, with nothing succeeding in going into your mind. The game was just basically screaming at me, begging for me to pick up the phone, free the keypad, and then, again, press the numbers 2, 4, 6, and 8 (directions of up, left, right and down, respectively) frantically. Then there is also the matter of staring at a few hundred bucks still left in your phone simply because you have got absolutely no one worth calling.. except home. And a few close friends during emergencies.

That is what happens when you use Digi Prepaid cards. But then, having to top up your account every three months by paying RM100 regardless of the balance left in your phone – is this some sort of evil marketing ploy or scheme (maybe that is why they managed to come up with such a cool television advertisment – which I quite like due to its design)? I have no other complaints for the company though. So far they have managed to provide a good and clear service – except while I was up in Cameron Highlands, or while my father and I were doing our weekly shopping in Carrefour.

Perhaps it is a sign that I need to get more friends so that I can call up each and everyone of them every single day, irritating them in the process. Actually, I do not think it would work. Most probably they would switch off their phones to avoid me. So much for my credit-spending process. Anyhow, the credit currently stands at RM154.30.

Updates on potential gathering:
Date/Time: Sometime during the weekend, whereby everyone should be able to spend some time outdoors – would you like a Saturday or a Sunday? Would it be too fast or sudden to have the gathering next month?

Venue: Is it fine to have it at KLCC? A place for food, shopping, and movies. If we get bored of the shopping mall, we may always resort to take a leisurely stroll in the park. It may also be sort of difficult to find some place that may accomodate us all.

Jolly People: Yes, the jolly people who have agreed to take part in the gathering: Choons, Lee Cheng, Reinselft, Sze, Tomoko.. and myself – I think (!). I was actually only inclined to take up the role as an organiser, but not go for the outing.. but oh, we shall see how it goes.

Note that the time, date and venue have not been finalised. Suggestions, or any questions, drop me a mail, or utilise the comments script, heh.

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