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Trust Petronas to, again, come up...

Trust Petronas to, again, come up with such heart-wrenching advertisments.

I think it has become some sort of a tradition. A few weeks before Malaysia’s independence day – or more commonly known as Merdeka, which falls on the 31st of August – the media will begin to play and publish advertisments which would, of course, reach out to its audience.

And the fact that one sees the national flag appearing way too often, on every building, on every street. Wrapped around a person, painted on a taxi. Patriotism is at its peak, since the big event is only a week away. Everyone is so geared up, so blindly reaching to it, the only word you hear these days is ‘Merdeka’, ‘Merdeka’... and ‘Merdeka’.

But I really do not fancy watching advertisments based on true happenings, and others’ bitter experiences. It has been frequently used on motorcyclist-related accidents and tragedies, rendering one helpless, without an arm or a leg. Actually, I thought it would be quite cruel to do those sort of advertisments. Sure, yeah, you may be able to spread the awareness and hope that everyone else would feel remorse, regretful, with hints of compassion and sadness when it comes on television. It would strike a chord, but not for long. Now, if they were really based on someone’s true story or experience, would not it be torture for them to go through hell again?

Lately I have been seeing another advertisment regarding some kind of medical hospital, where a certain doctor relates stories of her young, sickly patients. How they ended up in the wards. How they managed to get up again after been stricken with cancer. How they lighted up the hospital staff’s hearts. Blergh! I wish they would not make more of these advertisments. Although it might be true, sometimes the way they do it could sound so.. fake. And disgusting. Making an issue and fun out of other people’s lives so that you would lend them a helping hand, or give them donations. I understand their intention in trying to give the audience an overview of the hospital and its situation and all, but really – the advertisment is not necessary.

The way I write today, it makes me sound as if I am the only one out there who is not as worked up as everyone else over the Merdeka day celebrations. And if anything, I think I just made myself sound like some hard, demented, unfeeling, and inhuman individual living on this earth.

Which, of course, could be true. I may be that sort of person. But who am I to judge myself?

If so, does it make it qualified for others to judge me?

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