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You drive me to the edge...

You drive me to the edge with your lies..
I’m so sick of them, and myself.
But not at you.

While doing some channel surfing (yeah, well, can you believe there was nothing good on a Saturday night?) yesterday, I stumbled upon a Malay movie on TV3, revolving around a Malay teacher who teaches English in rural areas. One thing that is a bit silly in local movies are the student actors in it. They looked way too much like blocks of wood, expressionless, and if anything.. too bewildered to be actually acting. The only lively and talkative person in the class was only the teacher herself, all dressed up like some big shot executive who would easily fit into a major company in the heart of the city. She donned red shades, wore clothes of outrageous striking colours, and high heels – all in school!

Okay okay. So I am not getting to real point here. Anyway. What happened was, the teacher managed to improve her students’ performance by teaching them how to sing Westlife’s Seasons in the Sun.

And I was like.. uh, hello? It sounded so ridiculous. The students were seen to be mouthing the words slowly and softly with equally stone-like facial expressions, as opposed to the joyful and lively voices heard from the television.

And to think that my friend and I once attempted to get the choir club members to sing to Duncan Sheik’s Barely Breathin’..

But really. Are they teaching students how to sing songs from these.. boybands, at school? I know I have left my school memories, walked away from school for good.. but could this be the way to get them to learn English? Why is it that no one suggests them to sing along to better, inspirational songs from real bands, who deserved recognition and credit more than those boybands do, whereby the band members actually went through bitter experiences such as drug abuse and live to tell about it?.. oh, I get it. That is because they used vulgar and harsh words in the lyrics. Duh.

Actually, I do not think I should make such a big issue out of it, since it is only a movie… but still, the revelation of it is pretty unsettling.

Now that is why our local teenagers are so disillusioned and lost in terms of knowledge in the music scene, due to the quality of music they received these days..

Updates on potential gathering:

Time/Date: Will meet up at 11am on a Saturday in the month of September. Take any pick between the dates of 7, 14, 21 and 28.

Venue: Suria KLCC. Food, shopping and movies. And you may also do some Bollywood dancing amidst the trees in the park.

Jolly People: Those who have expressed their interest in taking part in the gathering: Choons, Grace, Lee Cheng, Reinselft, Sze, ToForgive, and Tomoko.

On your part, please state what date will you NOT be able to make it, and uhm.. what movie you would like to watch. :D

Let us make this happen!

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