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Why does it always rain on me..

Why does it always rain on me..

Leaves from the trees were floating wildly in the wind. A few strands of my own hair flapped gently about my head (which reminds me, I really need a haircut), a few drops of water splashed softly onto my face. The cool breeze somehow served as a brief and refreshing escapade since facing the books for the past few days or so. Okay, I know that sounded bad. But it is indeed a rare ocassion to actually have a downpour right out in the middle of the desert here.

Rainy days can really do wonders. Very much more if you are able to sleep in and wake up late the next morning.

Anyhow, my final examinations for this trimester has all been done and over with. Barely managed to stumble out of today’s paper, Database Systems, alive. All I want to do now is to just leave it all behind me.

Everyone is out to celebrate. Going for suppers, shopping, and whatnots. My housemates asked me out too, but I just am not in the mood to go and mix with the crowd. And there they go, commenting that it is not good to be always alone by myself, that I should be out and about. In a way, I do envy them. They get to talk animatedly, exchange stories, and get to know more about each other. However, I seem not to give a damn about it all.. do I care? I do not know.

Unfortunately, I hear the words almost every week, if not everyday. For almost a decade or so, those words have been drilling into my mind, albeit being repeated by different people, from my grandmother to my former teachers.

“Join a camp or something; you get to know more people that way.”
“Speak when you’re spoken to, don’t stay and hide behind a wall!”
“You should get out of the house often, you end up doing nothing at home..”
“Come and join us, go yum char..”

And to all those statements, I said no.

Parents should be frowning and wondering what is wrong with their kids should they spend a good few hours out every night, thus giving them a good scolding or warning. Such is not the case with me – I am being encouraged to get out more.

The problem with me is that I do not welcome change. Although I admit it could be for my own good. Changes do not come overnight. Neither are they a must. I am content with the way I am.

In fact, I do not think I will ever change. But at the rate things are going, should I be expecting something more? The bloggers’ gathering is one of them. Turning, turning…

Updates on potential gathering:
Loads of people seem to joining in. However, I would like to remind you not to expect something fancy or fun out of it. It is going to be just a simple gathering, a bloggers’ meeting of some sort, to get to know each other, to actually find out who is the real person behind the pages of words you have been reading for so long. A simple outing, that is all. And you absolutely do NOT need to be a member of BolehBlogs to join it. :)

And gawd.. do Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin of Coldplay really have something going on? Eep!

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