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Warning bells ring loudly in my head.

Warning bells ring loudly in my head.
It’s a sign for us all.

Holidays have officially started for me. My father came to fetch me and reached the apartment at 9.30am. I had earlier woke up at 9am to find myself covered from head to toe with my blanket due to the chilly weather after yesterday’s rain. Soon after, I was stumbling all over the place, trying to pack up quickly. Brought my PC back home (again) to upgrade it (again). Aiming for only an AMD 800mhz this time (stares longingly at her Pentium II 233mhz), but hey, an improvement’s an improvement.

Am thinking of catching Triple X tomorrow. And as always, am thinking of watching it alone. However, I had extended the invitation to my father out of politeness – I think. Or was it really because I need to have company tomorrow? I’m not so sure myself. The first movie we watched together (with only the both of us, though) at the cinema was Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. Sometimes it’s quite funny in a way, when you see a teenager walking beside an older man. People tend to stare out of curiosity, and I wouldn’t be surpised if they were to point fingers at us and whisper among themselves, “Isn’t he a bit too old for her..?”.

Mind your own business. That’s what I’ll say if I hear those words of poison.

Funny how easy and quick we jump to conclusions, too. That’s what we often do anyway. Somehow our mind would simply execute some calculations and kaching Dude 1 is going out with Dudette Z.

Anyhow, I told some idiot to mind her own business – I answered the phone and was demanded to hand over the receiver to a certain someone, who, practically, was non-existent in the house. A wrong number, of course. Unfortunately, the caller failed to understand “No, there’s no such person here” and proceeded to tell me off, threatening to tell it to my ‘mother’ – obviously, she thought I am some small kid meddling around with the phone. I know I do not possess a squeaky voice like the cartoon characters such as Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse do in order to qualify as a kiddo, but heck, continuing to talk politely to unreasonable people would not yield any results. I slammed down the phone.

She called a second time, and that was when I told her to mind her own business. Probably should have told her to have her phone, eyesight and hearing checked too, since she failed to get the correct number. Also, to reduce her grubby fingers from pressing two numbers at one time.

No more phone calls from her after that.

Updates on potential gathering:
Below are the details at the moment, although they have yet to be finalised:
Time: 11am
Date: 28th September 2002 (Saturday)
Venue: KLCC

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