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You came along and you cut me loose...

You came along and you cut me loose…

Your friendly feline furries being uhm, tortured.. depends on whether you like them or not.

I do. But not like that! It is breaking my heart..

Anyhow, did not manage to proceed with the plan of watching Triple X today. The weather was not siding with me (it usually doesn’t..) and I ended up walking to the window a few times and trying to decide if I should go for the movie or not. It was pretty unpredictable really. At one time it looked pretty sunny – but just when things seem to brighten up, a black cloud looms over and threatens to unleash some heavy rain.

In the end, all we got was a harmless drizzle, a no movie, and a disgruntled girl sitting on the edge of her bed. There is still tomorrow, though. If I manage to get past the pest control people, that is. They’re coming to spray the house tomorrow, supposedly to get rid of ants and others – but it only seems to bring only a success rate of 40%. I am not complaining though. Home is always better than the ‘ceiling-less’ room in my apartment back in campus – and don’t ask.

So I started doing some reading. From Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series, I flipped through the pages of Wizard’s First Rule. It has not proved to be an addictive read yet.. but I hope it will. There’s another four books left from the series for me to go through.

Updates on potential gathering:

The date and time might changed to 21st September 2002 (Saturday), 12pm. Would like to know if anyone is okay with that. The venue is still the same – good ol’ KLCC.

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