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If only.

If only.
But I doubt it.

I cannot believe it took me 3 different people to convince me to listen to Doves.

But boy.. are they good. The music is so freakingly enchanting and addictive. Aaaah. Bliss. It is not everyday you get to stumble upon an exceptionally excellent group of musicians.

And I have actually developed a penchant for Brit rock. My playlist has been invaded by these good guys from Britain – Coldplay, Travis, Suede, and now Doves. But why oh why, do the radios here rarely play music from Britain (except for the usual suspects of boybands and the annoying Oasis brothers). Whatever happened to Ash, Pulp, Super Furry Animals, and the currently in-demand Badly Drawn Boy (but still absent from the radiowaves – how can that be)? Especially Ash, because Tim Wheeler is hot. Uhm. But that is besides the case, really.

Could our radio stations be really that bad? I have not heard of stations from other countries.. but are they any better? For now, I still remain loyal to WowFM for standing out from the rest (although they have resorted to playing Britney Spears now). It is actually quite surprising to note that quite a few other locals voted for WowFM in a forum I frequent. However, the results are not the same when research and votes are carried out. What went wrong? Could it be that they have been only interviewing and receiving votes from disillusioned teenagers who idolise only boybands, pop princesses and uh, fake-angst rock?

Broaden your horizons. Do not rely solely on the local radio stations – better still, do not just listen to one which supposedly churns out hits over and over again in a day. I understand that they are actually just doing the kids a favour by playing their favourites ten times in a day, but it is not quite a good solution to educate the public in terms of music. It actually took me a while to get used to WowFM after making the ‘big switch’ – but I am glad I did.

And there is always the wonders of the Internet. mp3s in abundance (I think). People get the wrong perception, thinking that one who downloads mp3s are just saving up on their money by not buying the album. That might ring true for some people out there, but it is not the case for me. My mp3s reside in my PC for the sake of convenience of not having to change CDs every now and then (well, that is what one does when the CD drive does not work), and also as a sample before actually buying the album. I have always believe that no harm comes from downloading mp3s, as long as you support and love music. I respect musicians who are in the industry just to do what they do best, to reach out and touch people with their music – and not concentrating on getting themselves more money to buy cool cars and big houses, like what some certain bands did to shut down Napster and Audiogalaxy, leaving us with a big void until Kazaa and Morpheus comes in.

Long live good music. clinks glass of champagne to no one in particular

And the Animatrix trailer is taking me ages to download. Oh, the wait..

Updates on potential gathering:
Time/Date: 11.30am, 21st September 2002 (Saturday)
Venue: Suria KLCC – meetup at Central Park, the foodcourt – beside the shop selling yummy waffles.

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