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It's called obsession..

It’s called obsession..

It looked as if it were going to rain, but my father said we would go ahead anyway. And we did – to watch Triple X. I was almost laughing at every scene in the movie, however engaging the stunts and action there may be – but it struck me as rather ridiculous. The lead character, Xander Cage, rode through fire, was ridden by bullets – but he got out unharmed, unscathed, without so much of a scratch or two. Luck must have been really by his side. But hey, it was just an average movie.. with predictable plots, corny dialogue and all. I must say that I absolutely love the avalanche scene, though – that really had me at the edge of my seat (although I was still grinning like a Cheshire cat).

And when the movie ended, more than 70% of the viewers were students. To top it off, they were students from my school. I do not remember them, and I am sure they do not recognise me anyway, since I did not build up a reputation back then (I was happily forgotten) – but seeing them did bring back some memories. I snickered at the name tags that were sewn onto their shirts, though, and was glad I got out of school before the sewn tags were introduced – previously, we need only to pin the tag onto our clothes. They were chirping happily, a big group of friends together, to seize a chance to unwind and take a break from thick textbooks and tricky tests.

I wonder if I had the chance to turn back time, would I have gone out more with my friends to spend some leisurely time at the movies or window shopping – or would I not change and return to doing what I do best – going home religiously after school everyday. Somehow I am beginning to wish I could be more outgoing and outspoken. Everytime I think of that, I remind myself that I do not welcome change, or would the change bring me any good.

Anyhow, I stopped by the Popular bookstore and its music outlet, CD-Rama – and to my pleasant surpise, they have finally came to their senses and stock up on the latest music CDs. It sort of brightened up my day to see Doves on the rack, along with the Chemical BrothersCome With Us – although I still could not manage to find a trace of Incubus at all. I was well towards forking out the RM43 needed for a CD, but realised that I did not have enough money with me, and began cursing myself. sigh It felt hard to walk out from the music store empty handed. I counted about 5 CDs I wanted to buy, and was lost in wonder about the money that would be needed to get them.

I had originally received a request from my, uhm.. sister-in-law (she is a music teacher), to help her out in a children’s camp yesterday. I would be paid up to about RM200 for the task – but I had declined it because:
1) I am uh.. scared of children. Okay, not afraid.. but not quite comfortable having them around.
2) No transport (although she said she could come and pick me up).
3) .. laziness?

Not very convincing, but heck. Everytime my friend and I passed by our apartment grounds where the university staff’s children will be milling and playing around, she would squeal and exclaim, “How cuteeeee that boy is!” or “Isn’t that girl very adorable?”. And that happens like once every week, so much that I would always sigh, roll my eyes and tell her “I knew you would say that.”. I wonder how many kids my friend would like to have in the future. :P Unfortunately, I would rather stay away from children whenever I can.

However, signs are pointing towards taking up that camp job for the much wanted moolah I would need for the much awaited CDs. And I know I cannot avoid being around children because they are everywhere. Help!

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