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She loves me not...

She loves me not, she loves me not..

Took advantage of the last day of the mega sale carnival all over Malaysia and bought quite a number of stuff. I kept thinking of today as my lucky day though, since I managed to get a number of things I have always wanted. I finally got my hands on Joseph Heller’s Catch 22 after looking for it high and low in Bukit Bintang Plaza’s MPH bookstore. It did not occurred to me that the book would not be found among the normal fiction books – I mean, where else could it be? Although it was considered a classic, I did not realise it would have to be nested between the Puffin classic books, sitting beside Shakespeare and Dante’s works. Also bought Robin Hobb’s third book to the Farseer Trilogy, called Assassin’s Quest. Now, I can finish the whole trilogy in peace after harbouring thoughts and curiosity over the progress of the lead character, which was left hanging at the end of the second book.

Since my archives did not quite work, I resorted to painstakingly copy and paste all my entries into text files, to be saved into my PC. It summed up to almost eight months worth of entries, since I started Rantglass back in January 2002. A wave of memories, both positive and negative, ran through me as I read through my previous posts. I was amazed to find that I have written a lot of things here to be published, to be read, and to be shared by people all over the world. Like how my friend had exclaimed “The chickens are going to fly” when the polysterene plates looked set to fly off with our half-devoured chickens due to a strong gust of wind. Of how I harbour dreams to start up an online music magazine. The time when a harmless beggar came up and asked me for food or money. My bouts of depression and frustration. Or the time I received a funny entry on the guestbook courtesy of him. The amount of comments I received as of today was more than 2000 – I do not know what have we been talking all this while, but I am glad we did – and I know it was all worth it.

Everything suddenly seemed so surreal. It hit me then that eight months have really just swished past, we grow older (and wiser, hopefully), more mature. I was practically laughing at some short entries of mine during the very beginning – and how it gradually became longer and longer that I was not sure if anyone was still around to read it. I do not know why I have such a strong feeling for all this – it could be because starting Rantglass has made a significant impact on me, that I have to take it so seriously. But all in all, I know what it has brought me – the wonderful new friends I have met through it, a part of myself that I have not discovered back then.

Rantglass has become a part of my life. And I am not sure if that is considered a good, or bad thing.

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