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Going mobile.

Going mobile.

It is strange how a simple shopping trip with your friends can seem to give away so much information about them.

There was a warehouse sale of some sort. We decided to stop by for a quick browse of the clothes being sold at discounted prices after class.

The one I thought was the most fashion conscious among us three was itching to get back to her work, fidgeting impatiently. She was ignoring the selection of clothes which were available in bulks in front of her. I can understand the need for her to return to her work, but when it comes from a person who has a wardrobe that would please every mother in the world (flower motifs, lacey blouses, and the colour pink!)... but then again, she claimed that her clothes were all bought by her mother, and she had never had any say on it. She wears them anyway. And we ended up picking a shirt for her.

The one who would walk into class in a pair of simple slippers, with a torn t-shirt and jeans was busy going through the racks, holding one up every now and then for our opinion. “Does this makes me look fat? Does the V-neck fits me better?” she asked. I could not point out the reason why, but I certainly was not expecting that from her. I have always thought that she is of the casual and cool type, who would be fine with just about everything. She managed to find a shirt good enough for her liking to make a purchase.

The one who often has trouble making decisions, was obviously being indecisive at that time trying to decide between two similar-looking t-shirts. But Geminis are Geminis wherever they may be. She ended up picking one which eventually turned out to be too small for her anyway. Other than that, it was a shirt that her friends had expected her to get, anyway.

I still haven’t had a go at that small shirt yet.

It has been weeks since then. For now, I cannot stop looking upward and marvel at how blue it is. The hot weather is another thing altogether, but one I cannot dismiss that easily. I suspected that the few thunderstorms we had a fortnight ago or so must not be from the heavens, but from some other sort of.. intervention.

A walk under the stars yesterday night, with the cool breeze blowing freely. It was something I had not done for quite a long time, and I am missing it already.

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