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Stupid pills.

Stupid pills.
You make me sick, more than ever.

So I was missing in action. Food came out the wrong way on Monday, and the next day my head was spinning around like some sick carousel. And what does one do in such a situation? Sleep for 15 hours straight. That was what I did, thanks to those odd coloured looking pills given by the doctor. And when I woke up, it was difficult to get my bearings, and not long after that, like any other sick person, I.. uh, dozed off again.

Am fuming with myself for letting two whole days passed by unproductively. Today was spent lazing around in bed, and attempting to finish the first book to the Sword of Truth series – Wizard’s First Rule, by Terry Goodkind. When it comes to fantasy books, one might as well accept a good review about it from me because I easily fall for books of this genre. This one is no exception.

Also came to a realisation why pills do not look good and taste bitter.

If they are made up of the seven colours of the rainbow and are sweet, drooling kids might get their hands on them and empty one whole bottle into their little stomachs. Adults may pop one or two into their mouths every now and then, totally oblivious to the harm it might bring upon them. Lord knows what will happen to them then.

As it is, pills are made to be evil, and to produce a bad taste to the mouth just so to remind us not to get sick again, thus staying away from them. Unfortunately, we humans tend to get sick every now and then, whether we like it or not, at any given time of our lives. And when we do, we are given up to five different looking pills of all sizes to be swallowed.

I was actually marvelling over some thoughts I had had during the weekend – before it all happened – whereby I had been pondering and tried to recall when was the last time I had been sick – and no, it was not because I had been watching too much of Unbreakable (I did not even finish the movie – it was about some guy who could not get sick because he was a superhero.. uhm..) – and wham! The next day I was feeling feverish and all. I wondered if anyone was playing a sick (haha!) joke on me because it seemed rather coincidental. I find that rather amazing, that it would have to happen.

But I have almost always been a victim of coincidences, so I might as well just accept it as it is.

Blog: The Gathering (sorry, couldn’t help it. :P)
Date/Time: 21 September 2002 (Saturday), 11.30am
Venue: KLCC, meetup at Central Park, the foodcourt – beside the shop selling yummy waffles.
Jolly People: Kindly do a final rollcall using the comments script.

I would like to make a uhm, rather serious announcement (or disclaimer, whatever you want to call it) here. I do not want anyone to feel as if they have been shortchanged or duped into attending the gathering. If you think you will be in for a good time with games, dances, food, movies – then no, this gathering is not for you.

On the other hand, if you are not afraid of wasting your time, but rather to fulfil a personal satisfaction (or curiosity) of actually meeting up with the people who have been behind the blogs and journals you have been going to, chatting up and getting to know them better, and see for yourself if does he or she suffers from schizophrenia from having two different lives online and offline – then this gathering will be the one thing that will help you towards that aim.

I think I did get a little bit too serious there. Darn pills. But my words still ring as true as steel (!!), and I apologise in advance if anyone had thought they would be in for an extremely fun time in the upcoming gathering. Fun, will be what we make of it.

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