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But you can't touch them...

But you can’t touch them no..
‘cos they’re all spies.

In an attempt to somehow escape the hype surrounding Coldplay’s recently released album A Rush of Blood to the Head, I have resorted to digging out their debut album, Parachutes to have a good listen to it. Hearing In My Place playing again and again, acting as a cue to call in to a radio station to win the band’s latest album, is beginning to make me more sick (yes, I have not fully recovered).

Forrest Gump was shown on television the other day, and I looked through the comments at IMDB.com. Quite a number of people complained it was quite overrated, but most agreed that the movie would not make a bad watch. I must be one of the few people out there yet to catch the movie, after hearing that it won a handful of awards, chalked up a number of meaningful quotes, a mesmerizing performance by the cast (oh, Haley Joel Osment is so adorable during his pre-seeing-dead-people days, heh heh..), and on and on and on. But I am glad I finally did get the chance to watch the movie, and it struck me then that only a small number of people out there might lead a simple life such as Forrest did, taking whatever that smacks into your face as it is, and still having the strength to move on and continue easily, hardly looking back, leaving his problems behind him. Unfortunately, most of us are left with only a rough and harsh but broken road to tread on.

So life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. To take them all would make you sick. To not take one would render you liveless. Life is full of winding roads and dead ends, but it is just so hard to choose the right way to ensure a smooth journey throughout.

On another note, TMNet has been giving me an awfully bad time these days.. *#&($@*# Never thought I would say it, but it is times like this I would feel it would be better to be back in uni.

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