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Snip, snip, snip.

Snip, snip, snip.
And blow it all away.

Finally got my haircut today. It was (and took) long enough to annoy me, and for my parents to constantly nag at the disheveled sight of it. The days are behind me, for now.. until four months later:

“You look like some evil witch.”
“You do not look energetic at all, with your hair all over the place.”
and, of course..
“You need a haircut!!”

Anyhow.. after that, my mother and I indulged ourselves in some ice cream at Swensen’s. Funny how we were willing to fork out RM17 (plus tax and all those thingamajigs) for three measly scoops of ice cream made up of only three different flavours. A whole box of ice cream, about two litres, would sell for about RM6 each in the supermarkets. Heck, we could have bought about three boxes of those, and take a week or two to finish them all – as opposed to sitting in a restaurant and enduring some childish bickerings from the next table while trying to savour the few scoops of ice cream in an hour. But then again, locally made ice cream simply cannot be compared to ones from other countries. Same goes with chocolates. Or am I just being picky?

I had mentioned something similar to this some time ago – the issue of sprouting sidewalk cafes, charging up to RM7 for a cup of coffee, which could have easily given you up to about six glasses of teh tariks from the mamak or roadside stalls. Somehow I always observe groups of rich brats occupying these tables, lighting up cigarettes and puffing away merrily.

I suppose, the difference to it all, is that the more you pay, the more pleasant and delightful the taste will be.

Or is it because we want (and hope) it to feel that way just to satisfy ourselves, since we have already paid that much.

Ice cream is ice cream. Aaah.

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