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The amalgamut. So where do we go...

The amalgamut. So where do we go from here?

Am thinking of accepting my parents’ invitation to accompany them up to Genting Highlands this week. Unfortunately, the highland resort does not appeal to me anymore, as much as it did when I was younger. Anyhow, I would most probably end up shutting myself in the room for our three-day stay up there. I have not the preference to pay a few bucks to enter the theme park and indulge myself in the various rides there. Heck, I have been on a roller coaster only twice in my entire life. Which is why it will be a waste of money to drag me to theme parks and fun rides.

The only reason I would want to indulge myself up in the highlands is only for the sake of change in the weather. But then again, it has been raining much these days, I doubt I will ever need to be up there just to have a so called chilling sensation there. Perhaps, I am pondering of an escapade from the dullness of my monotonous life right now – sleep, eat, read, and settle myself in front of the computer and the television. Still may be considered quite a variety, but I am beginning to dread it.

Nevertheless, I feel gloomy when I realise that there is two weeks left until uni starts again. I still cannot make up my mind as to whether I would feel better busying myself with assignments and lectures in uni, or if the holiday mood, however dispirited it may be, would appeal to me more.

Perhaps the Genting trip would really do me good.

Am a bit pissed off that Lilo and Stitch is only shown in Cantonese version in the cinema near my place. Hmph. And they are only showing Road to Perdition after my holiday ends! Inconsiderate.. bad timing. As always.

Movie list – to watch:
1) Sum of All Fears
2) Road to Perdition
3) Lilo and Stitch
4) Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
5) Triple X
6) About A Boy
7) Signs
8) The Bourne Identity

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