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Pessimism sinks in..

Pessimism sinks in..

So once again, I now sit in front of the computer, and wondering what I should be writing about.

If you have not already guessed the reason behind my disappearance for the past two days, well.. I was up in Genting Highlands. The trip did not turn out to be as bad as I thought it would be. If anything, I was quite amazed by the rapid development of the highland resort and its theme parks, although some of my expectations on spending a lonely night in the room watching television stayed true. Not sure if it would be considered a blessing in disguise, but I quite enjoyed the new series on TV3, called 24 with Kiefer Sutherland taking the lead. Anyhow, I was up in Genting early last year and the indoor theme park was still under construction back then – with the choking dust and the roaring sounds of the cranes and drilling work. Everything is very much different now, and since the school holidays is now on, one can expect a whole horde of people dominating both the indoor and outdoor theme parks.

I was quite amused to hear the sounds of people screaming in excitement and shrieking in terror drifting up to our room on the 17th floor – usually courtesy of the famed Solero Shot (complete with legs swinging around helplessly) and Corkscrew roller-coaster ride at the outdoor theme park. People would just shout and yell with such a volume and varying octaves it could have made the divas think twice of their position in the music industry. My mother and I were sitting comfortably outside the Dome cafe, sipping our mochas and savouring a big piece of cheese cake, when the roller-coaster just zipped past, and shouts and cries drifted into our ears although the roller-coaster track itself was quite harmless. It was not as if the track would have the people sit through a dizzying whirligig or perform a 360-degree turn.

One thing I quite enjoyed though, was the clear night view of Kuala Lumpur. It was a magnificent sight from our room, and I scolded myself for not bringing along the camera. In fact, the view was reminiscent of the DovesLast Broadcast album CD cover. The weather was nice and cold – an escapade from the heat of the city – so much that I think I caught a cold while I was up there. Read a few pages off Joseph Heller’s Catch 22 – gee, this book is so wickedly ridiculous, it is so good.

Then there is also the matter of trying to sleep at someplace new. I do not think I managed to get a (two) good night’s rest – heck, I had been waking up with my neck and back aching like prickling pins and needles. In case you were wondering – no, I did not indulge myself in any rides of any sort in both theme parks. However, I did pay a whopping ten ringgit in exchange for a few tokens, to attempt a few ‘skill’ games – or so they name it. A player would be rewarded with coupons that can be used to claim simple and cheap (heh) gifts if he or she gets high points in a game. As it turns out, I paid for only ten tokens – and garnered only 34 coupons – as opposed to everyone else, with long strips of coupons. I cringed in embarassment and wondered how much have they spent to achieve that many hundred coupons, which they eventually used to retrieve only a small soft toy. I was feeling so bored, my mother even asked me to spend an hour at the cybercafe – which I did not. It would not really be a vacation then, hmm?

One thing for sure – everyone was definitely having fun in the highland resort. Absolutely a quick getaway to a vacation with the family, as proven by the many screaming and energetic children with their families.

I used to have that much fun up at the resort too – say, ten years back. Although there were not as many games back then (and not as expensive), it was pure excitement to be up at Genting with my brother and our parents.

It is all so very different now. It makes me think twice about getting older. The responsibilities, the fears, the worries.

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