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Blue sky overhead.

Blue sky overhead.

Indeed. Today was a beautiful day – clear, blue skies, and soft, swishy clouds – save that I ended up doing nothing productive outdoors. Other people would have gone for simple family affairs like picnics to childish stuff like playing catch (have not done that for a very long time..) – so it was a waste to not enjoy the day. Sometimes I find it a wonder to just stare and admire the shape of the clouds. A quick search on Google did not produce any relevant websites regarding cloud reading, though. I long for a day where I will be able to sit on the lush green grass, shaded by thick boughs and leaves of a 50-year-old tree, on a small hill – and enjoy the slow ticking seconds of time pass by, with nary a worry in my mind. I would breathe in the fresh air, and gaze intently at the clouds, trying to decide if it looked like a horse’s head or something more interesting such as a running dog holding on to a beaver’s tail. A cool breeze would gently whip my hair about every now and then, but I would not care much about it, since the clouds in the sky would keep me occupied.

Too bad, cloud reading only exists in fantasy books. And I could not be spending much time attempting dream interpretations these days.

Instead of looking longingly at the sky, I ended up installing Sim City 3000 again, after having played Sim Tower for the umpteenth time yesterday. I miss my days of playing Sim City 2000 though.. when it was running on DOS, hah! So while everyone else is busy killing orcs or solving quests, I am building my city – slowly but surely – of course, when I manage to get the bars denoting residential, commercial and industrial areas demands up high..

I miss playing Caesar III too.

Hm, I forgot to ask what movie should we be watching for the gathering. I have narrowed it down to three choices at the moment, though. I hope I have got pretty much the genres covered (except romance, that is). Think it would be wise to book the tickets in advance? After all, TGV KLCC is always full with humans, and we are joining in the weekend crowd.

1) Lilo and Stitch (comedy)
2) Powerpuff Girls: The Movie (action)
3) Signs (horror and mystery)

Take your pick. Or throw in your suggestion. :)

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