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Survey Flash: More than 75% agreed that...

Survey Flash: More than 75% agreed that this serves no other purpose than to irritate and annoy those who read it.

Logging into Yahoo and checking my mailbox has never been so much fun. After all, who cannot help but snicker and guffaw at the various email titles available, waiting for you to click on it.

Enlarge your penis, safely and naturally!
Make up to $5000 in the next 48 hours at home! (296468)
Have Sex and Get Paid – Pays $1000 Weekly! (27598)
Lonely but Married people are waiting to meet someone!

rolls her eyes and exhibits a I don’t give a damn look

Never did open these emails. I just do not understand, why do all those junk mails must be related to sex and romance. I guess that is why they are called spam – or unsolicited commercial email. Never have I been lucky enough to come across mails which would benefit me in a certain way – say, free movie tickets to catch the premiere of The Matrix: Reloaded. Free music CDs so I need not keep adding them to my extremely long to-buy list – without any catch whatsoever, that is. But I guess that would only happen if I am to join a newsgroup or mailing list – which I never did (hopefully never will, I never find joy in those things). There is no escaping spam, it seems. It just keeps coming, taking up all the space in your mailbox. In fact, I often wonder how do those people got hold of my email address in the first place -from the usual suspects of free email providers – to something as simple as leaving your email address at an innocent, harmless website – but we will never know for sure. The internet is just too vast, too great a space for us to easily point our fingers and hold others responsible. Perhaps we should just blame ourselves for getting a free email address.

Do not we all live for free stuff? Do things really come for free? Of course, you are actually paying for a Mashimaro when you go for a meal at McDonald’s just to get a soft toy, albeit at a lower price. I am actually quite content with the small can of potato chips that comes free with the bigger can of Pringles I paid for, though.

People always say that however much you pay, you still might not be able to buy happiness. But then again, we humans are an odd sort – we can never be satisfied with what we have. And we will never learn. Nor will we ever change. Somehow, that is what makes a human.

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