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Chequered flag.

Chequered flag.

Was not really giving it that much thought, until…

Me: ranting on the recent spate of rather… undesirable events
Dad: What else can you blame it on? It’s just your luck. Bad timing.
Me: ... I know.

That is the last straw. I think I need a good luck charm, because things seem to be heading downwards at the moment – and may continue so. I do not know. Damn. And we are only at March. I dread to know what else is in store for me for the next few months, and one that regularly comes to mind is in regards to the most important issue of my life for this year – a definite career path. Right now, I am still hovering aimlessly, not knowing exactly what to do.

Me: Well, maybe I will just bum around.
Mum: ... So these four years, I paid for your education – for nothing?

In any case, I just did a Google search on my birthstone, and am amazed by its accuracy (or not, but I am trying to be as optimistic as I can for now). But then again, birthstones do not necessarily equate to good luck charms… or do they really? Myth, or superstition? Belief, or just plain self-assurance of things that are not meant to be? Is this what they call confidence? Telling yourself that everything will be all right, although prospects do look rather bleak anyway?

Trust. Faith. Self-assurance. Confidence. And the will to believe. Maybe all these needs to be drilled into my sorry head.

If I can make it through this week, I will be fine. For a while at least, I think. It hardly helps that I will also be computer-less for the next few days, so yeah.

Is the phrase “good luck” a tad bit overused for its own good?

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