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I trust in you to make some...

I trust in you to make some necessary changes to my PC.
Okay, you pretty much have to change this old thing here.. and that one.. plus this..

So I finally managed to make a major upgrade to my PC. The salesperson was actually quite amazed by the weight of the CPU – it was that heavy and big, yes – and such casings of that particular size do exist, although not as heavy.

They pretty much enjoyed pointing and marveling at the state of the many ‘antique’ devices in the machine (and its very dusty interior too). I was not amused, though. This major upgrade has been anticipated since the beginning of this year, and it was a relief to know that all those days of waiting impatiently for the completion of 3D rendering and the laggy speed would be pretty much left behind me. After all, it was only a Pentium II running on SDRAMs.

And it was only five years old. Five years. And see how advanced everything is, now. There seems to be a probability that we might change and upgrade our PCs every five years or so.

After that, my sister-in-law and I paid a visit to HELP. I was quite impressed with the homely interior of the college (although we had to have a long walk right up to the end of the college in order to reach its new Centre of Performing Arts – I wonder if it would be fun to enrol in a music course later) – it was nothing like the dull university campus I study in. The students in HELP were bubbly, chatty types, and have much better taste in clothes, heh. One thing I quite like is the abundance of seats available, and having the students making full use of it. In contrast, our university has lack of facilities and seats – we are, in fact, quite content with just sitting on the cold hard floor. Overall, the college looked like a good study place. And heck, you know that whenever you step into another college, you are bound to bump into someone you know. In my case, I saw an ex-schoolmate of mine there, and only exchanged brief hellos. After all, we were not really that close and I know nothing about him save for his name, and he was waiting for his next class. It is quite inevitable to not see someone you know in other colleges, these days. Everyone is pretty much scattered all over the local colleges and universities.

Oh, and the guys at HELP are much better looking too. Mmm.

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