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Just when you think things won't...

Just when you think things won’t get any weirder..

Was exchanging SMSes with a fellow net friend who I have not met in real life before, save for regular chats and phone calls every now and then. It came to a point when I told him I paid a visit to HELP institute yesterday, where he is currently studying law and psychology. It gets even more bizarre to know that he was also spending time at the Centre of Performing Arts at that particular moment when I was accompanying my sister-in-law to check out some music courses (read previous entry dated September 16th, 2002).

In short, we were at the very same room, at the very same time. He and a few friends were playing some russian folk tunes on the piano while I was exploring the room, checking out the posters and the bulk of magazines stacked at a corner. And all the while I was thinking to myself, why do they play those sort of odd music in college.. but then again, they were purely having fun on the piano. We could not exchange greetings, simply because we have not even seen each other. It never striked us that both him and I would be there in the room, in the first place.

I cannot even begin to count how many degrees of separation between us at that very moment.

I had been toying with the idea of sending him an SMS to let him know that I was at his place of study, but I did not – because I thought he would be having classes and stuff. Turns out that this very thing I did not do, has cost us this once-in-a-lifetime (and convenient) opportunity to meet up with each other.

We are still communicating through SMS (yes, we make that full use of our phones..), talking about this.

It is events such as this that makes you think twice regarding destiny, fate, coincidence, time.. and all the other thingamajigs that makes it happen. The very things I have been questioning all along, for many times, in my life. And then you’re stuck with ‘if only’s and ‘I should have’s. I am giving myself a good kick in the ass for this. All things must happen for a reason…..

This is all just so very peculiar.

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