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Drizzt Do'Urden vs. Artemis Entreri.

Drizzt Do’Urden vs. Artemis Entreri. The good guys always win.

Paid a visit to the computer shop again. Was meddling around with the new PC yesterday – however, it ran into problems less than an hour after I switched it on. Partly my fault, of course.. I am never an expert in installing computer hardware. The old scrolling mouse was not quite compatible with the other new computer equipment – it messed up during installation of the mouse program, producing errors in Windows and every other thing imaginable in the new PC.

Old + New = Problems.

Ended up getting another mouse for 40 bucks. Oh well, the old mouse needs getting rid of, anyway. Managed to salvage 2 old strips of 32mb SDRAMs from my previous PC – drop me a note if anyone wants it (although I very much doubt so).

And it always makes me wonder why do my friends always come looking for me whenever they run into problems with their PCs. Do not get me wrong, however – I do not mind helping them out. It is just that I am pondering if is it a case of the blind leading the blind. I am not that skillful in these technical stuff. But then again, they usually come to get help from me to install softwares and other miscellaneous minor mistakes that can be corrected easily. Most of the time though, I am without answers to their questions, and could only manage a few shrugs as to why the printer could not work, or which right button to press when a program asks something like a Catch-22 question.

The blind leading the blind, yes.

Blog: The Gathering Updates
Once again, I have to make changes to our movie choices. My deepest apologies for letting the persistent and nagging side of me take over, and snickers having you as my unfortunate victims. A few of us have actually watched Signs and Lilo and Stitch – and Powerpuff Girls is not showing in TGV KLCC anymore. The best I can do is to include two movies which are released locally today – which means none of you might have watched it yet (unless you are a movie freak who goes for sneak previews frequently), for our viewing pleasure on Saturday.

I will be booking the tickets tomorrow evening, so you have until then to take your pick.

1) The Bourne Identity
2) S1m0ne

My choice: The Bourne Identity. Now yours. :)

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