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Press zero one if you would like...

Press zero one if you would like to shoot me..

Argh. I hate dialing to numbers where you do not get a real, flesh and blood person to talk to – rather, you have to swallow whatever inquires you have, and punch in the buttons required for various functions. It could get quite intimidating to listen to the same, monotonous, computerised female voice (which somehow sounds the same regardless of wherever you may be) over and over again. The names to all other movies shown tomorrow were rambled on and on – but not this one movie I wanted to make a reservation for (although I suspect they changed the name of the movie to 46174). There was not a specific button for help and assistance, though.

Am trying to push away these unwanted feelings of negativity and pessimism. Somehow, I feel that things always seem to go wrong with me around. But you know what? I am pretty excited about the gathering – and I am actually quite amazed at feeling that way. After all, I am supposed to be the one everyone else is looking out for – I might as well have a hot spotlight shining on me. hides For a moment, I feel as if I am the Hitz FM Fugitive or something else sneaky and sinister. Of course, I can always do better with a gun.. bwahaha. I hope no one puts a high expectation on tomorrow’s event, though.

So are we going to realise our dreams of meeting up with online bloggers in a blind sort of way (or as Sze puts it – mass blind date)? Are we going to be one crazy, wacky bunch of people who will attract stares and odd looks from others? Will we walk away enlightened, and have this event sticking to our minds still, twenty years later?

We will never know. Until tomorrow comes.. and passes us by.

Blog: The Gathering Updates
Therefore, I regret to say that I could not book tickets for S1m0ne at 2.05pm, tomorrow (due to the cinema’s mistake in the movie name, hmph). The online booking service was also ‘closed for maintenance’. However, I will try to get the tickets by tomorrow morning (unfortunately, I cannot promise them, since we need about eleven tickets) – hopefully there will be still some seats left – if not, we can either go movie-less or watch some other older movie with more seats and less viewers (About A Boy comes to mind). I can imagine the whole theatre being dominated by us bloggers. Heh heh.

A rough agenda of what we will do tomorrow: Meetup at 11.30am at Central Park foodcourt, somewhere near the front of the escalators, beside the waffles stall. Probably will proceed with lunch until movietime at 2.05pm. The movie runs for about 117 minutes (excluding those many movie trailers, mmm..) – so it should end sometime a little after 4pm. Our gathering will basically end by then – unless a few of us would still like to have some window shopping or another movie (!!).

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