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So it happened.. it did!

So it happened.. it did! Woo!

Did not think it was exactly that bad.. but I guess it was alright for a first time – although I kept mispronouncing Reinselft’s name hides, the uneasy silence that settled when everyone finished talking (and desperately thinking what topic to discuss next), how we dominated the theatre to watch S1m0ne, the seemingly ‘unbreakable’ session after the movie whereby I kept having to say that the gathering was officially over – but everyone seemed reluctant to move.. (eventually some of us began leaving, and some of us stumbled upon each other in the food court.. again!). I admit that I was not a good gathering organiser because I was uhm, too soft-spoken (I did not want to restrict everyone else in their actions, acting like a warden) and we ended up doing nothing much there (save for the lunch, chatting sessions and movie part).

My so-called mission to take lots of pictures (and to NOT have my picture taken) was a disaster, though. I could not make full use of my brother’s digital camera because I was being too careful with it – let us just say that I am afraid it might drop and burst into a thousand small pieces (that would explain the bad pictures I took yesterday..). We had a group photo session, which dominated the walkway of the shopping mall (a bit weird to have the ‘exit’ sign above our heads though) and having shoppers to stop and wait patiently for a picture of us to be taken. However, I do not think there was enough time for everyone to know each other well – there can always be a next time, hopefully.

Once again, it was proven that the blogging world in Malaysia is small – everyone practically knows each other and their friends in a way or two. However, I find it odd to find people calling me by my real name though.. heh heh.

Thank you for coming: Choons, Deandra, Iching (with his twin brother and friend), Irene, Kenny, Khairel, Lee Cheng, Reinselft, Sze, ToForgive. I had a great time yesterday; I hope you did, too.

Some pictures. Did not name the people in the picture though (not sure if you guys want to be identified, or to stay anonymous). I do not have the group photo though.. fellow bloggers who took any pictures yesterday, would you kindly send a copy over to me? :D So there you go. :) Click on the ‘crossed’ pictures – they are only thumbnails. The links to the real pictures still work.

On another note, I had a mini movie marathon of my own. I had watched The Bourne Identity alone on Friday, and both S1m0ne (for the gathering) and Signs (with my brother and his wife) on Saturday. Signs was awesome (it was not that scary) – although it made me miss Robert De Niro’s 15 Minutes on HBO. sigh

My holidays have just finished; I will be back to uni this evening. How I wish it would not end.

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